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              2017-03-30 10:22:14  Read:2504

              Change for Thee, Brilliant by your joining

              The Fifth QC Achievement Briefing was held on Dec. 30, 2016, with the motive " Change for Thee, Brilliant by your joining!", and the audiences over 100 pers. The briefing was presided by Mr. Xu, QC GM, 10 QC groups presents their achieving during the year of 2016 in wonderful performances, and rewarded by GM Mr. Xie, Mr. Zeng. 

              QC group activity is the core of the company quatity controlling, is a effective means for working efficiency increasing,  to enhance the quality awareness of employees. 

              Quality is the livies of a company, QC group activity will build right atmosphere that everyone focus on, stress on & committing on quality. 

              We are proud of them!

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